After “Vater Unser and “König”, “Jahweh” is already the third album DMMK has produced in cooperation with us. The work approach is increasingly moving from live recording to studio recording. So we spent the last days recording drums, bass, electric guitars and more for the new record and had a lot of fun with it.

We also went out of our way to work with different materials to get the right sounds for each song. Three different basses, at least six electric guitars on four different amplifiers, numerous snares and cymbals as well as a large part of our microphone collection, special microphone amplifiers, equalizers and much more were used – a real battle of material and with good reason.

It’s always inspiring to see songs taken to a new level by recording real instruments. Despite a detailed pre-production, details only become really alive in the studio and this triggers a joy that can be felt among all those involved. The recording days were very promising and we are looking forward to the results. Now the mix of the project lies ahead, a long way that will be worthwhile. We’ll keep you posted.

Photos: Benjamin Kommerau