We’ve really enjoyed working with SWS over the last 7.5 years. It’s our great pleasure to help train engineers and musicians, allowing them to move further into their professional careers. Each year there are 2 opportunities for student bands to record; once in the winter and another time in the spring. This past December was no exception with 3 bands recording in the studio.

“The studio is especially characterized by the cordiality of the staff, one feels welcome and valued,” says Marc Egles. “Even musicians with little studio experience quickly let go of their anxiety and are motivated to deliver their best performance in this atmosphere.”

The recording sessions are only a half-day for each group, recording nearly everything live. This gives each student the responsibility to know their parts and creates a sense of excitement for each performance. We want it to sound good, so we keep the basic sound of the performance, allowing the bands to hear their songs and know what they can work on before the next session. We wish SWS and all the students much success now and in the years to come.